Thursday, July 30, 2009

our grandma

yo yo cousins
its your reclusive cousin from fla,
my momma called and said GT is not doing well.
our parents are so so sad.
what do you say to your mum when her heart is breaking?
memories of GT
Broke down in NJ January on the way to wildwood
me wild bill GT and sheba
walking with GT in the cold wind to find help
she stuffed bluefish with hard boiled eggs
she made like 5 or 6 veg with the meal!
when she was a secretary at st gabes
we could go in at lunch to visit her
there was candy
before and on Holy days we could answer the phone
and tell people the masses.
I loved looking at her typewriter
was very jealous when she went to Rome for
Cardinal John Connors investment
we both liked tea with leamon
we both read the newspaper with sports
always on tv
I dont remember her at the glenolden swim club
or going to the beach
she would kick me out of the kitchen when
I would spill one thing
one winter she gave me her black gloves
they were so old fashioned and beautiful
I loved them!
I also have her aprons
she wanted me to make a quilt someday
she wrote me the nicest letter when lee was born
saying to pray to Mary for support
whan i saw her i said I'll never do that again
and she said I said that eight times
she always sent us a birthday card
I'd look up from the newspaper and never
understand why she rooted so hard for Villenova
and I loved her for it
I liked her cause she was prickly


California Cousin said...

Loved reading this! She is like a sub-grandma to me. I never met my mom's mom/her sister, so she is the true matriarch of the family. She always sends cards to me and my children too. We hope to see her on our trip East in a few weeks.

Anti Jen said...

Thanks, Cuzen, for writing this. My dad's trying to act all matter-of-fact about the situation, but I know he's got to be devastated. It shouldn't be so surprising that a 93 year old woman would have declining health, but I always sort of figured Margaret was immortal. At the very least I assumed she'd make it to her 100th birthday. I actually wouldn't be surprised if she still does...

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